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How do I clean my mattress from dust mites?

What problems are caused from the mites in my mattress?

Dust mites are inevitably found everywhere in our house and move around the space very easily, reaching up to our mattress.

Especially in times when there is high humidity or high temperatures in the atmosphere and at home, the mites multiply as their growth is favored by these conditions.

Thus, in a single gram of dust, at least 100 mites can be detected, often affecting our health and creating:

  • Respiratory problems
  • rhinitis
  • dermal allergies and itching
  • asthma
  • runny nose or conjunctivitis

For these reasons, it is important that they are removed through proper cleaning at regular intervals from the main space where they move, i.e. our mattress.

What are dust mites?

Dust miteDust mites are very tiny insects that are not visible to the naked eye. These are bugs that are transported through the dust that exists in our house.

The majority of mites live on the mattresses and secondarily on our carpets and rugs. Shaking our mattress or carpet, these microorganisms spread throughout our house and hover for a while in the surrounding area due to their minimal weight.

The special environmental conditions that favor their growth are humidity and heat, while food for them can even be sweat and all the dead human cells that we excrete and transport from the body to our home.

Dust mites are allergenic to many people and often disrupt both our sleep and our good health and hygiene. However, they are an inevitable evil that, although annoying, we can limit to a degree that does not affect us significantly.

Therefore, the proper mattress cleaning from mites is of utmost importance.

How can I clean my mattress from mites?

Mattress vacuuming

Naturally, the surfaces that are typically covered by mites are our mattress, carpets, rugs and sofas. This is because as we mentioned, mites feed mostly on dead cells, sweat, etc.

In this article, we will analyze the ways we can clean our mattress to minimize the number of mites in it.

Cleaning mattresses from mites is not an easy task.

First, we should clarify that by the term cleaning in this case we do not mean getting rid of them or their complete elimination, since this is almost impossible to happen, but we mean reducing their population to an extent that minimizes the chances to negatively impact us and our health.

The quality of the mattress plays a very important role in how we clean it because in case our mattress is memory foam, it is not allowed to use a large amount of liquid element or water when cleaning it. So, depending on the type of mattress you have, you can use each of the methods we will suggest.

The basic cleaning tips for keeping mites are as follows:

Dusting with a wet cloth

Cleaning cloth

The dusting of your mattress should always be done with a little liquid on the cloth and this is because with the simple dusting the only thing we can do is to spread the mites to the rest of the house and to have very little efficiency.

On the contrary, if the cloth we dust the mattress and every surface in our house with a damp cloth, then many of the dust mites will adhere to it avoiding the risk of spreading to the surrounding area.

Frequent mattress ventilation and sun exposure

Mattress exposed to the sunA very basic way to prevent the mites and their feces from multiplying is to expose your mattress to the sun.

The mattress should be placed every 6 months (maximum) in a place where the sun "sees" it, as well as be ventilated as often as possible.

The temperature that develops, the restriction of humidity in combination with the ventilation of the mattress prevents the spread of mites but also the avoidance of unpleasant odors.

Vacuum cleaner

Mattress cleaning with a vaccum cleaner

It is the most basic way of cleaning the mattresses and our whole room. The vacuum cleaner should be used 1-2 times a week in order to remove mites and to prevent them from multiplying on our bed.

To clean your mattress with the vacuum cleaner, start at the top and continue along the entire mattress, making sure to wipe each part thoroughly.

Special case resistant to mites

Mattress protection with coverAfter cleaning your mattress with the methods mentioned above, you can get special mattress covers and bed linen that are resistant to the infiltration of mites inside your pillows and mattress.

In this way, you significantly reduce the spread of mites and their entry into your mattress, ensuring better sleep quality and of course better hygiene conditions.

It is important to mention that many allergic reactions of our body are due to mites such as cough, allergic rhinitis, sneezing, stuffy nose, asthma, itching, skin rashes etc.

Baking soda

Cleaning with baking soda

Baking soda is a material that we use very often in cleaning.

In particular, regarding the cleaning of mattresses (not memory foam and latex), baking soda can be used in combination with other materials (salt, lemon juice, dishwashing liquid) to clean its surface.


  1. First, vacuum the mattress as indicated above.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda powder on the layer and rub it lightly with a brush.
  3. Leave the soda on for about 15-30 minutes (or longer if you want) and then remove it with your vacuum cleaner.

Pro Tip:

If there are stains, you can mix the soda with a little cold water, salt, and lemon juice, creating a paste, with which you will very gently rub them.

Leave the mixture for 3-5 minutes and remove it with a clean towel. Never use plain water as this will cause the stains to open more.

Mattress disinfection

Mattress disinfection

The last, but equally important, solution to the problem of the presence of mites in our mattress is its disinfection.

This method is the safest and at the same time safe solution as the complete disinfection is performed by professionals using, among others, the powerful vacuum cleaner with multiple filtration stages.

Mattress disinfection is a procedure that should be done once a year at least, or ideally every 6 months. Especially for people who show great skin sensitivity and allergies to mites, the need for a complete professional cleaning is imperative.

How can I achieve the best and deepest cleansing of my mattress?

bio mattress cleaningThe above tips are a way to temporarily stop the issue, and in no way guarantee an effective and in-depth cleaning of your mattress.

In any case, we recommend bio-cleaning (without moisture) of your mattress at least once a year. The Multiclean team consists of cleaning professionals with years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers.

During the cleaning we use machines that do not recycle dust in your space, HEPA filters, UVC radiation lamp and the amazing HealthWay device, which is the latest technology in the treatment of internal pollution.

Its award-winning system includes 9 cleaning stages and uses DFS, which captures more than 99.99% of the particles in a size of 0.007 microns. This makes it 4 times more efficient compared to an approved HEPA filter.

Read more about the way we clean mattresses.

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