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Tips for carpet cleaning during Covid-19

The importance of cleanliness in the era of the coronavirus has changed our daily life and has taken on new dimensions, perhaps crucial for our health and life.

The coronavirus lives mainly on hard surfaces, such as plastic and metal, and its lifespan, until it finds a host, can be from a few minutes to a few hours or days, depending on the surface material. The virus appears to survive in cotton fabrics for 3 hours and in synthetics for 12 hours, but not more than 48 hours.

In our fight against the coronavirus, we have become more or less all experts in cleaning issues through the amount of information we receive daily. What we do know for sure is that every surface requires specialized cleaning. Cleaning carpets and rugs, however, can be especially difficult even if covid wasn't around.

Our team consists of experienced and specialized staff in carpet cleaning and is here to answer all your questions about this issue.

So let's go step by step and analyze the reasons why it is necessary to clean our carpets at this time, as well as provide tips to get the best possible result.

Are carpets a major source of coronavirus transmission?

coronavirus and carpet cleaningWe often get the impression that our carpets, since they are not exposed to the outside environment but are inside our personal space, are a safe point of contact with our body. The surface of  the carpets, however, is an area of high traffic either by us and people in our familiar environment, or by guests and even by pets.

In addition, carpets have the ability to retain heat and any microorganisms in the environment such as bacteria.

Specifically for the coronavirus, since it is a new virus that is still being studied, there is insufficient scientific evidence that it "prefers" soft and porous surfaces such as our carpets which may be a hostile environment for it. However, we can not know for sure how long it takes for a carpet virus to die.

How can I prevent the transmission of coronavirus through my home carpets?

Despite the new challenges, the carpet can be part of a healthy environment with proper care and attention.

The tips we suggest for this purpose are the following:

1. Carpets need frequent cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and… sun.

Carpet cleaning with vacuumFrequent cleaning of our carpets with a vacuum cleaner is necessary to remove pathogenic microorganisms from them. It is best to choose and use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA or ULPA filter, as this prevents the escape of pathogenic microorganisms and particles through the air entering and leaving the vacuum cleaner.

In addition, it is important to ventilate the room and leave the carpet exposed to the sun for a while. This natural way of removing germs, however, is not a solution in itself, as it does not help to neutralize powerful viruses such as COVID-19, but must be applied in combination with others that we recommend.

Caution: We recommend at this time not to shake your dirty carpets in the open, as there is a risk of spreading the virus by contaminating the atmosphere.

2. Pay attention to the temperature at which you wash your carpets

Wet carpet cleaningThe temperature at which you wash your carpets is an important factor in their cleanliness, as bacteria and viruses die at higher temperatures. Therefore, if you choose to clean them at lower temperatures for safety or economy reasons, you can not be sure of how successful the result is.

Multiclean experts' advice: Before washing at a higher temperature, you should check whether your carpet is suitable for it, as there may be a change in its color and quality.

If you are not sure about the right temperature for your carpet to be washed, you can contact our team to help you find out.

In our facilities, we have special machines that can provide high temperatures which guarantee the most effective cleanliness of your carpets in contrast to simple household cleaning.

3. Not all cleaning products are the same.

Carpet cleaning productsPicking the right cleaning product is not easy.

The consequences of cleaning your carpet with a bad product can be inefficiency and keeping the virus in your carpet, or at worst destroying the quality, texture and color of your carpet.

A wrong product may affect your health with the appearance of allergies after using it. For these reasons, it is important that the products we choose have been certified for safe use and always follow the instructions suggested by their manufacturers.

For soft surfaces such as carpets and rugs, you can clean their surface using suitable cleaners according to their manufacturer. As mentioned before, use very carefully the upper temperature that their surface can withstand, according to their label or manufacturer.

In our facilities we always use the most advanced and safe cleaning products while at the same time we take care of the complete and effective cleaning of your carpets.

For any information or clarification, you can contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

4. Διατηρείτε τους κανόνες υγιεινής και κατά τον καθαρισμό του χαλιού σας.

Cleaning glovesIt is essential to protect our health from pathogenic microorganisms and viruses that may have clung to our carpets.

We always wear disposable gloves when cleaning our carpets or even a mask so as not to inhale dust and chemicals during the cleaning and disinfection process. You can even wear a waterproof disposable protective suit in combination with goggles.

We wash our hands often to get rid of any germs after hand contact with the carpets, and in case we touch our eyes, we make sure to rinse them with plenty of water.

We suggest that after the cleaning process is completed, you put the gloves and the mask you used in a bag and then throw them away to reduce the chances of transmitting the coronavirus.

What is the best way to clean my carpets during Covid-19?

Following our previous tips, you can maintain the cleanliness of your carpets to some extent until the next professional cleaning. To feel really safe, we recommend cleaning them regularly with a carpet cleaner at least once a year.

For the most efficient and in-depth cleaning of your carpets without fatigue, contact the our professional cleaning team. We use special cleaners that have the approval of the WOOLSAFE organization and respect the environment, while at the same time they kill viruses, bacteria and the slightest residue of your previous cleaning.

Your safety is our highest priority. For this reason, our team is fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and takes strict protection measures at every stage of our cleaning services.

At Multiclean we take care of your carpets from a carpet to the rarest handmade carpet with the respect they deserve, and this is because for us the cleaning of your carpets is a personal matter!

Your safety is our priority.

At Multiclean, protecting our customers is a top priority.
For this reason, we have taken strict measures to ensure your safety at every stage of our services. Our staff is fully vaccinated against Covid-19, wears a mask and is subjected to regular testing and temperature checks.

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