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Wet Carpet Cleaning

The process of wet carpet cleaning is done individually and in depth with the use of ecological biodegradable cleaners, while during rinsing there is a complete removal of any trace of soap that has remained even from previous cleaning.

Wet Carpet Cleaning

Shaking With Bio-Cleaning

A prerequisite before the stage of washing the carpets is the shaking with bio-cleaning. Each carpet enters our specialized machine that operates with a revolutionary system of asymmetric vibrations which frees the carpet from dust, dirt and various solid particles which have penetrated from the root up to the pile of the carpet. Depending on the load of the carpet pollutants, the pile and its quality, the passage time from the machine is regulated and controlled, as well as the intensity of the shaking so that there is no damage to any type of carpet.

Wet Carpet Cleaning

On carpets that can be wet cleaned, we apply the Dry-Well method. We wash each carpet separately and use special cleaners that are WOOLSAFE approved and respect the environment. 
During rinsing, the carpet is rinsed with plenty of water and specialized biodegradable detergents that neutralize even the slightest residue, even if it had been left over from previous cleaning.

In the last stage of washing, we use disinfectants approved by the National Organization for Mediciness, which protect your carpet from microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and moth, giving it the hygiene that it deserves and your family.

In this way, your carpets acquire a special velvety texture and a pleasant aroma, while at the same time their colors acquire the vitality and shine that they had when you first bought them.


The next step after washing the carpets is dehumidification. This is a process in which the carpets are placed in special, modern centrifugal dryers, which remove water and especially excess moisture, without the risk of the carpet fading. The fringes of the carpets are made very clean, without the need to use bleach that causes irreparable damage.


The carpets are then spread out and allowed to dry completely naturally in specially designed interiors and without being exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, in order not to change their color. The application process is relatively short and needs to be done correctly, for a dazzling result.


Before packing and storing your carpets, they are wiped, combed and finished in a special packaging - finishing machine. Then, their humidity is measured electronically and their dimensions are automatically measured electronically. After certifying with all precision and detail that all the treatment standards established by Multiclean have been met through technical inspection, then they are packed in a specially shaped perforated case (micro-perfore) away from conditions that favor the development of moisture and allowing the carpets to "breathe".

Storage and safety

The carpets are stored in specially designed areas and are insured for theft, fire and flood in INTERASCO INSURANCE (contract no: 7179802109), as well as 24-hour coverage by alarm system and closed circuit monitoring by the company PERSONAL SECURITY. In addition, a special code (barcode) is placed in the package for each carpet, so that we know with certainty its location and any information that has to do with the carpet.

The Procedure

  1. After contacting you our team will safely pick up your carpets at a designated appointment.
  2. Your carpets will go through the cleaning and decontamination process as described above.
  3. After the cleaning of your carpets is completed, we pack them and store them safely.
  4. When you need them you can contact us to deliver them to you. We remain available to help you with any questions you may have throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible for the washing to damage my carpet or rug?

    A complete and proper wash will not damage your carpet in any way. In fact, it can remove any trace of harmful substances. At Multiclean we guarantee safe care, as we take care of your carpets from a small rug to the rarest handmade carpet with the respect they deserve and this is because carpet cleaning is a personal matter for us!

  • Is it right to wash your carpets often due to pets walking on them? Is the carpet safe for the animal after washing?

    Carpets and rugs accumulate soils, substances, microorganisms and odors that are necessary to eliminate for the good hygiene of both the carpet and your home. Therefore, frequent cleaning and washing are highly recommended if there is a pet in your space. Both the cleaners and the materials we use at Multiclean are approved and safe, respecting people and the environment in general.

Your safety is our priority.

At Multiclean, protecting our customers is a top priority.
For this reason, we have taken strict measures to ensure your safety at every stage of our services. Our staff is fully vaccinated against Covid-19, wears a mask and is subjected to regular testing and temperature checks.

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