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How do I clean my carpet when I have a pet?

We all love our pets as they are our lovely companion and an integral part of our home. However, it is not always easy to keep our house clean by having them, as unforeseen events can occur.

Especially during the winter months when our house is carpeted, our concern to keep it clean becomes even bigger

The Multiclean team, specialized in carpet cleaning, is here to help you, answer your questions and advise you appropriately on this issue.

5 carpet cleaning tips for a home that has pets

What changes in my carpet cleaning compared to the rest of the house?

Our carpets are sensitive and due to their ability to maintain warmth in our space, they easily retain any odor or stain. Our pets, on the other hand, can sometimes soil them either while they are playing, or by transferring germs and dirt from the outside environment or even by leaving their "mark" on them. Apart from the difficulty that usually exists in removing these stains, it is difficult to determine whether they are "fresh" or already existing.

In any case, here are 5 tips on ways you can clean your carpets when you have a pet in your home.

1. Dry the carpet

Wet carpet cleaning

In order to remove the stain more effectively from your carpet, you need to dry it well either using a cloth that will absorb liquids or better through a portable liquid absorber or steam cleaner that is available in the market.

The steam cleaner is made for just that job and unlike a simple vacuum cleaner, it is easier to clean and removes stains from carpets more easily. However, the steam cleaner needs care when using it, because very high temperatures for an extended period of time may cause permanent retention of unpleasant odors on your carpet.

In addition, you should make sure that the temperatures you use to clean your carpet are appropriate based on the manufacturer or its label. Otherwise, its quality may be damaged and it might get discolored as well.

Although carpet shaking is generally common, you should not shake it during a pandemic due to the Covid 19 coronavirus, as the virus can be transmitted through the air.

You can read more in our article for carpet cleaning tips in the midst of coronavirus.

2. Do not use kitchen paper

Don't use kitchen paperKitchen paper and paper towels wipe off the liquid, but retain the odor and do not effectively remove stain residues.

In particular, pressing on the napkins, the smells and debris will not only remain on your carpet, but will penetrate deeper into it, affecting even the floor surface. In addition, the use of a simple vacuum cleaner on the stain, will result in the wear of your vacuum cleaner filter and the retention of unpleasant odor.

3. Clean with baking soda

Carpet cleaning with baking sodaCover the surface of the soiled carpet with baking soda and keep your pet away from the spot, as large amounts of baking soda can be toxic to it. Leave the soda on overnight to absorb as much odor as possible.

In the morning, remove the baking soda and use a vacuum cleaner to absorb any residue on the carpet. After wiping the area well and making sure there are no traces of baking soda on your carpet anymore, allow your pet to return to the carpet area.

In case the baking soda technique does not effectively remove the odors from your carpet, get a special carpet cleaning machine or contact the Multiclean team of experts. Having years of experience in carpet cleaning, we guarantee a complete cleaning without a trace of stain.

In our company, we use special machines that remove any residue of stains or unpleasant odors, while our products always ensure to be environmentally friendly and to our four-legged friends.

For more information, contact us via our contact form or by phone, by clicking here.

4. Remove solid stains with a putty knife

Putty SpatulaFor solid stains such as canned food, dry food, feces, etc., instead of rubbing the surface of the carpet with a cloth or paper, use a product that will prevent further damage and friction of your carpet with the stain.

We suggest in this case to place a putty knife on the carpet, dipping its edge in it and then remove with this solid element, "scraping" upwards.

Removing the solid mass in this way improves your work and makes it more efficient to clean your carpet later with special cleaners.

5. Prefer enzyme cleaners

Carpet cleanersAlthough they cost a bit more, enzyme cleaners are effective for cleaning your carpet of stains and odors from your pet and are worth getting. 

The enzyme formula contained in these cleaners has a dual role. Firstly, they are a natural way of cleaning organic waste without chemicals, and secondly they are safe and hypoallergenic for your pets.

If I follow your advice, will I ensure a proper and effective cleaning?

The cleaning methods we recommend are aimed at an initial halt of the problem in order to reduce the wear of your carpet. The result you will see depends on the extent of the dirt as well as the tools and the way you will clean them.

For example, if you just want to clean the hairs from your carpet, depending on the vacuum cleaner you use you may see a very different result as it may not be strong enough to "pull" them. Regarding stains, if you want to do deeper cleaning, it can be difficult to choose the right detergent that will not affect the quality of the carpet or more importantly will not cause an issue to your favorite pet.

Therefore, you can apply these tips very carefully, and if you see that the issue continues to contact us.

The guarantee for an effective way of cleaning your carpet in cases of hard, deep stains from your pet is provided only through a professional cleaning that will remove odors and stains even from previous washes.

Your safety is our priority.

At Multiclean, protecting our customers is a top priority.
For this reason, we have taken strict measures to ensure your safety at every stage of our services. Our staff is fully vaccinated against Covid-19, wears a mask and is subjected to regular testing and temperature checks.

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