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How to properly clean your carpet based on its type?


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Carpets are a key element of decoration and warmth for our home. However, their cleanliness is essential for the hygiene, for the preservation of their color and their general appearance.

In this article, we will discuss how you can clean each type of carpet, according to advice from carpet cleaning specialists Multiclean.

The techniques we are going to recommend can help you keep your carpets in excellent condition, just like when you first bought them.

It is particularly important to know how to handle our carpet, as this in itself saves us the trouble of trying cleaning techniques on it with the risk of damaging it.

Very important : If you are not sure about the type of your carpet or are afraid of it getting damaged, contact our team of cleaning experts for advice.

So let's take a closer look at the different types of carpets and their specific cleaning techniques:

Cotton Carpets

Cotton rugs are extremely soft and durable, making them an ideal choice for family rooms and high-traffic areas. They are also environmentally friendly, as they come from natural materials. However, cotton rugs can be more vulnerable to stains and moisture.

Follow these tips for cleaning and maintaining cotton rugs:


Vacuum the woolen carpet regularly, preferring a vacuum cleaner with an adjustable brush. This will help remove dust and dirt without damaging the carpet fibers.

Cleaning by washing

Cotton rugs are durable and can be easily washed in the washing machine. Always check the carpet label for washing instructions and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Use a mild detergent and add a pH balancing product to help protect the colors. Dry the carpet in the sun or in a well-ventilated area.

Dry cleaning technique

For small stains, you can use a white towel to gently rub the stain in a circular motion.

You can also use a special carpet cleaning product, always following the manufacturer's instructions. After cleaning, allow the rug to dry completely before placing it back on the floor.

Woolen Carpets

Wool rugs are known for their warmth, durability and luxury. They are ideal for spaces where comfort and aesthetics are a priority. However, wool rugs require careful cleaning and maintenance to maintain their high quality.

Follow these tips for cleaning and maintaining wool rugs:


Vacuum the woolen carpet regularly, preferring a vacuum cleaner with an adjustable brush. This will help remove dust and dirt without damaging the carpet fibers.

Avoid using chemicals

Avoid using chemical cleaners as they may cause fading or damage to the wool rug. Use a mild detergent or a special wool carpet cleaner, carefully following the manufacturer's instructions.

Use of cleaning foam

Choose a foam cleaning product that is specific for shaggy carpets. Follow the product instructions and apply the foam to the carpet with a sponge or soft brush. Leave the foam on for the time specified by the manufacturer, then remove with a clean, dry cloth.

Professional cleaning

For deep cleaning, it is recommended to go to professional carpet cleaners who know how to handle wool carpets in the proper way. This will help maintain the quality and appearance of your carpet more safely.

Natural fiber carpets

Natural fiber rugs such as sisal, jute, abaca and hemp are known for their durability, strength and environmental sustainability. However, they require special care and cleaning to maintain their appearance, as they are sensitive to moisture.

Follow these tips for cleaning and maintaining natural fiber rugs:

Vacuum and flip

Clean the natural fiber rug regularly using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. Also, turn the rug every three months to help the fibers wear evenly.

Cleaning with water and vinegar

To clean natural fiber carpets, you can use a 1:1 mixture of water and white vinegar. Apply the mixture with a sponge or brush to the carpet and wipe carefully. Allow the rug to dry completely before placing it back on the floor.

Avoid moisture

Try to avoid using liquid cleaners or moisture as much as possible, as this can lead to fiber damage or discoloration. Instead, opt for dry cleaning to keep your carpet in good condition.

Synthetic carpets

Synthetic carpets, made from materials such as polyester, nylon or polypropylene, offer many advantages such as durability, ease of cleaning and affordability. However, synthetic rugs also require proper care and cleaning to maintain their appearance and durability.

Follow these tips for cleaning and maintaining synthetic rugs:

Regular vacuuming

Vacuum your synthetic rug regularly to remove dust and grime. This will help maintain the appearance and quality of your carpet without damaging the carpet fibers.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is an effective method for cleaning and disinfecting synthetic carpets. Use a special steam cleaner or rent a steam cleaner to remove deep dirt, stains and allergens. Be careful not to use excessive heat or water as this can damage the carpet fibers.

Wash and dry-clean

Synthetic rugs can be machine washed or dry-cleaned, depending on the manufacturer's instructions. Use a mild detergent and follow the product recommendations for the best possible cleaning. Avoid using chlorine or other harsh chemicals as they may cause fading or damage to the carpet.


Each carpet requires a different cleaning approach depending on its type. It is important to know the correct cleaning techniques and follow the manufacturer's instructions to maintain the quality and appearance of your carpet.

With proper care and maintenance, your rugs will last for many years and retain their beauty.

In our articles you will find more tips and instructions for cleaning carpets, mattresses and your home.

Frequent Questions

1. How often should I clean my carpet?

The frequency of cleaning depends on the type of carpet, use and load. In general, it is recommended that you vacuum your carpet at least once a week and perform a deep cleaning at least once a year.

2. What kind of detergent should I use for my carpet?

Use a mild detergent that is suitable for your carpet type. Check the manufacturer's and product's instructions to make sure it's safe for your carpet.

3. How do I remove stains from my carpet?

For stain removal, avoid scrubbing, as this can spread the stain further. Instead, use a clean, white cloth to gently wipe the stain from the edge toward the center. Use an appropriate stain remover based on the type of carpet and soil. Read more in our article “The 10 worst stains for our carpets and how to deal with them”.

4. Which type of carpet is right for me?

The right type of carpet for you is a function of many factors such as personal aesthetics, the layout and aesthetics of your space, the frequency of use of the space, etc. You can read more in our article “What are the types of carpets and which one is right for you?”.

5. How do I wash carpets at home?

Although proper and thorough cleaning of your carpets can only be achieved by professional carpet cleaners, you can read instructions and tips in our article “How to wash carpets by yourself at home”.

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