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Waterproofing Carpets - Living Rooms

With special waterproofing systems we protect your carpets and living room from stains and damage.

Waterproofing Carpets - Living Rooms

Waterproofing creates an Invisible Protection Film that does not alter the texture, color and appearance of the surface to which it is applied.
It offers great safety from any stains but also from fungi and fading and facilitates future cleaning. It facilitates the cleaning of the stain from the surface without allowing its absorption.

The revolutionary STAIN PROOF waterproofing method gives a solution to everyday stains. At the same time, it prevents the formation of mold, germs, moth and facilitates subsequent cleaning.

That's why at Multiclean we talk about Invisible Triple Protection not only for your carpets, but also for your fabrics.

Waterproofing can be applied with great success to: Carpets, Rugs, Living Rooms, Mattresses, Curtains, etc. It is necessary in delicate upholstery fabrics, as well as in delicate handmade carpets with unstable dyes.

In summary, fiber waterproofing achieves the following:

  • No moisture enters the inside of the carpet.
  • The carpet retains its natural color without wear and tear.
  • Liquid contaminants are not absorbed in the carpet such as wine, coffee, soft drinks, juices, sauce, etc.
  • Fungi and harmful microorganisms are not allowed to enter the carpet.
  • The carpet retains its adhesions.
  • Prevents the presence of mold on the carpet.
  • The life and durability of your rug increases.

The Procedure

  1. After contacting you our team will safely pick up your carpets at a designated appointment.
  2. Your carpets will be tested by our team for their suitability.
  3. If the appropriate way of cleaning is completed then and only then will we proceed to the waterproofing of the fiber.
  4. 48 hours after the procedure the carpet fiber is shielded from unwanted stains and you can enjoy it without any stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the waterproofing process also apply to woolen carpets?

    During waterproofing, the fibers of the carpet are coated with a special substance that prevents the stain. Wool is the exception. Even without any treatment, wool may be your best choice for stain resistance. However, it can also be applied to it successfully.

  • Does waterproofing negatively affect the color, texture or durability of carpets?

    The answer is no. Multiclean waterproofing protects your carpets from fading, increases their durability and maximizes their resistance to stain absorption.

  • Which carpet surfaces are waterproofed?

    All surfaces of the carpet can be waterproofed, as long as this is allowed by the construction of the carpet. There is an indication on the label of each carpet that mentions the case of impossible waterproofing.

Your safety is our priority.

At Multiclean, protecting our customers is a top priority.
For this reason, we have taken strict measures to ensure your safety at every stage of our services. Our staff is fully vaccinated against Covid-19, wears a mask and is subjected to regular testing and temperature checks.

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