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Dry Carpet Cleaning

With our expertise and equipment designed specifically for cleaning delicate carpets, we provide a thorough, efficient and gentle cleaning process on classic and modern handmade carpets.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

At Multiclean we know that each carpet has its own peculiarities and its own way of handling and therefore cleaning. Dry cleaning is applied to carpets and rugs that have the indication "DRY CLEAN only" on their label. With the innovative and ecological method DRY CLEAN, as well as with the CARPET CLEANER system, we achieve perfect results without the carpets fading, overflowing or warping.

After the bio-cleaning stage, the carpet is impregnated with an ecological detergent of solid composition without petrochemical derivatives or toxic components and then with the mechanical action of the CARPET CLEANER system the dissolution of all stains and the trapping of the accumulated dirt is achieved.

The DRY CLEAN dry cleaning method achieves:

  • Flawless cleaning on delicate handmade carpets safely without the risk of fading.
  • Lively colors.
  • Immediate use of the carpet.
  • Ecological cleaning.

The Procedure

  1. After contacting you our team will safely pick up your carpets at a designated appointment.
  2. Your carpets will go through the process of bio-cleaning and decontamination.
  3. If there is any need for maintenance or repair of your carpets, we will contact you for information before their final packaging.
  4. After completing the cleaning of your carpets, we pack them and store them safely until you call us to return them to your home for the winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is professional carpet cleaning better than doing it yourself?

    When you clean your carpets yourself, you run the risk of damaging them. Some carpet cleaners are extremely hard and can lead to faster wear on your carpets. A professional carpet cleaner is dedicated to knowing exactly how to take care of your particular type of carpet to get the best result.

  • Do handmade carpets have to be cleaned every year or do they get damaged?

    Carpets must be thoroughly cleaned each year before storage. The only way to ensure their cleanliness and maintenance is professional cleaning by specialists, using the appropriate techniques and products.

Your safety is our priority.

At Multiclean, protecting our customers is a top priority.
For this reason, we have taken strict measures to ensure your safety at every stage of our services. Our staff is fully vaccinated against Covid-19, wears a mask and is subjected to regular testing and temperature checks.

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