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What damages can occur to a carpet and how can they be fixed?

Carpet with a holeIt is true that we love the carpets in our home especially when they are handmade, that is why we want to take care of them as much as we can.

The carpets reach our hands after a series of processes that mediate before their purchase such as their initial creation, composition, dyeing, weaving and finishing, etc.

Depending on the treatment the carpets have undergone and based on of their construction materials, they have the property of reacting differently to long-term use, repeated washings and frequent cleanings that occur over time. Therefore, there are natural damages that our carpets show after years of use.

In addition, damages resulting from our "bad" use, for example food or drink spilling on our carpet, can make their condition even worse.

In this article we will talk about carpet damages that come either from us or as a result of their natural wear and tear, and we will analyze the ways in which we can manage them in order to extend the life of our carpets as much as possible.

What are the natural damages that our carpets can show over the years?

As hosts, we want to present the best image of our home.

In order to achieve that, we make sure to keep our home clean and renew it by giving it a sense of freshness.

However, there are natural damages that we cannot avoid, especially with regard to the handmade rugs and carpets that fill the space of our home.

These natural damages vary and need a special way of treatment in order to preserve the health and longevity of our carpets as long as we can.

Ripples and folds

Rugs are best used when they are stretched tight. When the "waterproofness" of our carpets fails, then there can be problems with sagging and rippling in the carpets.

We would clearly not like something like this since it would not only ruin the aesthetics of our carpet, but it would also be a spot on the carpet over which both we and the rest of our family members can trip.

In this case, the cause of the problem may be the wrong placement of the carpet in the room.

In order to properly install a carpet, the person installing it should have used a power stretcher. Carpet stretching ensures that your carpet maintains its shape and does not begin to bend over time.

If your carpet shows this type of damage, there is no need to worry, as in most cases there is a solution.

At Multiclean we offer professional carpet repair services that can repair the "damage" using proper stretching tools to make your carpet smooth again.

Other causes that can lead to ripples in your carpets are moisture, heavy objects being dragged across the surface, delamination (the breakdown of the adhesive backing) or an incorrect underlay.

Carpet fiber tufting

Many times, when some of the fibers in your carpet become loose, they tend to pull out of the fabric and work their way up to the rest of the fibers.

The result is that this piece sticks out on your carpet and makes you want to remove it.

At this point, we should emphasize that if the "thread" protruding from the carpet is suddenly pulled, it can be completely destroyed as its fibers are interconnected.

The so-called tufting of the carpet fiber is usually seen in older carpets that are heavily weathered.

The way we can manage this problem is simple. Carefully, we can cut the long fiber that protrudes from our carpet without wearing out the rest of it.

To ensure your carpet is properly repaired, contact our experts and we will be happy to assist you.

Fading of carpet colors

Over time, the carpet color fades.

Your once vibrant carpet is starting to look dull and worn.

Excessive exposure to sunlight is the main culprit for carpet fading. Sunlight entering through windows causes UV rays to fade its original color.

In this case, the way we can prevent the perpetuation of the problem is to initially protect our carpets from exposure to the sun by drawing the blinds or curtains during the day.

If the color has however started to fade, you can use a small amount of warm salt water, which may bring back some of the brightness to your carpet.

To achieve the best possible result, you can turn to a special carpet cleaning and maintenance company such as Multiclean, to repaint and repair your carpet.

Wear and tear on the carpet's fringes and rails

Carpets and rugs have certain parts that are more vulnerable to wear and tear, such as their fringes and piles, i.e. the two sides in the width of the carpet and the 2 sides in its length.

Especially for handmade rugs, this problem is more painful since they can be torn apart more easily during the cleaning process. This is commonly seen over the years in our carpets and is entirely possible.

This particular wear and tear requires careful treatment by a specialist workshop and carpet cleaning and maintenance professionals in two ways: either partial or full repair, depending on the extent of the wear and tear and the condition of your carpet or rug.

Crumbling of carpet glue

This wear and tear can be seen in modern hand-type rugs or carpets and can be remedied by replacing their underlay with new latex or even mesh.

Carpet breaking and matte finish

Carpet cracking in the sense that some parts of it may have been disintegrated is usually due to placing very heavy objects and furniture on our carpets.

This can give them a matte look, as if they have been trampled on.

When our carpets seem too worn, we can place an ice cube on them and after it melts, vacuum it.

Finally, we can comb the spot with a carpet comb to remove the crushed fabric threads.

By trying this method, it is possible that our carpet will look less worn.


The most common type of carpet burn is caused by lit cigarettes falling onto the carpet.

The only thing you can really do in this situation is cut out the damaged piece of carpet and replace it.


There are many factors that can cause stains on our carpets and leave unpleasant marks.

Drinks with a high acid content such as red wine or coffee can permanently damage the carpet if not treated in time.

Bleach on the other hand as well as other chemicals can damage your carpet very quickly regardless of whether you act immediately or not. For this reason, we should be very careful with the use of bleach in a place where there is a carpet or carpet.

For more ways to treat each stain individually, you can refer to our related article The 10 Worst Carpet Stains (and how to deal with them).

Any other information you need regarding both carpet cleaning and repairing your carpets, you can contact us here.


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