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Tips for safe storage of your rugs and carpets

Carpet Storage

Our carpets are essential in the cold months of the year because they retain the heat in our home and keep it warm.

They are used daily during the winter, and they remain in our space until spring makes its appearance and the first heat starts again.

The care and storage of our carpets is very important as it aims at preserving their texture, shape, color and generally their overall image and condition.

For this reason, it should be done correctly by following the appropriate steps. Ideally, your carpets, when they are used again next season, should be in the same condition as you left them.

Especially handmade rugs and carpets need special attention both during their cleaning process and during their storage.

In this article, we will analyze all the steps that must take place before we store our rugs in the loft or the warehouse for next year.

In addition, we will answer critical questions that have been asked from time to time by our customers and finally, we will give useful tips regarding maintaining the healthy condition of the carpets.

What are the steps for the proper care and safe storage of our rugs?

1. General cleaning of the carpet from both sides

Carpet cleaning

General cleaning of the carpet before storage is necessary.

Any stain on the carpet either from some food or liquid is extremely likely to wear out its texture and color in the long term, and it can cause odors.

If the carpet has not been professionally cleaned before, then we suggest that to be the first step you consider.

Through the professional washing of the carpet, at least once a year, the most effective and deep cleaning is achieved that cannot be done with household tools.

If you have already cleaned your carpet at your carpet cleaner, then before storing it you can first pass both surfaces (front and back) of the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Alternatively, you can wash your carpet according to the instructions given to you by its manufacturer. Frequent vacuuming, however, does not ensure that the carpets are kept clean and that they can be stored safely.

It is necessary to sweep and clean the rug just before starting the storage process, regardless of how long the rug will be in storage.

Before proceeding to the next step, it is very important to ensure that the carpet is dry with no traces of wet spots on it.

2. Protection from moisture

Extreme cold or extreme heat can damage the carpet fibers, so make sure that the place where you will store your carpet is open and maintains an average climate.

For example, if you want to store the carpet in the loft, you can create the appropriate space and check if the conditions are conducive to keeping your carpet in good condition.

Moisture is the worst thing for our rugs, and the ideal place to store them is an environment with natural light.

See in our related article which is the right season to clean your carpet.

3. Protection from the sun

As we mentioned, natural light is an ally of our carpets, but direct exposure of the carpet to the sun can damage it.

The sun's rays when in direct contact with the fibers of the carpet can damage them.

One way to avoid this problem is to cover the carpet with a sheet or special cloth bags to protect it and store it in a cool and shady place with minimal natural light.

4. Moth protection

It is said to be a good idea to spray the carpet with an insecticide before storing it.

However, not all insecticides are suitable for carpets because they contain chemicals that can both damage your carpet and leave marks and prints on it.

Caution is recommended from dangerous outbreaks and the use of vapona, a special preparation with insecticidal action available on the market, is recommended.

5. Horizontal and not vertical storage

Your carpets should be stored in a horizontal position and this is because when they are stored vertically, the weight that falls on the lower part of the carpet creates wrinkling, creases at the edges and deterioration of its external form.

Prefer to always place your rugs and carpets horizontally without putting pressure and weight on them.

6. Use masking tape

In order to easily wrap your carpet, you can use a paper / masking tape.

After first identifying the most sensitive part of your rug, which can be either the back or the front (pile), roll it while rolling with the most fragile side inwards.

You can, with the help of a rod or pole, continue keeping the carpet straight. Finally, wrap with the help of the paper tape.

7. Check for damage

Before storing your rug, it's a good idea to check for any damage that may have worsened during rolling and storage conditions.

Learn more in our related article about the damages that can occur to a carpet and how they can be fixed.

Our team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding carpet repair.

How long can I have my rug wrapped and stored?

It is a good idea to check your carpet every two months at the most while it is in storage.

Therefore, the carpet should be unrolled at regular intervals to ensure that no moth or mold has developed.

In order to remove the dust that works negatively for our carpets, frequent cleaning should be done when unrolling the carpet.

How can I store an outdoor rug in the winter?

Storing an outdoor rug is exactly the same as storing indoor rugs by following the same steps.

Can I store my rug on the floor of my home?

When the carpet is exposed to the floor continuously and is not stored in special storage areas, it can favor the growth of moisture due to the sudden change of cold and heat and therefore cause mold and deterioration.

For any information regarding the cleaning and storage of your carpets, the Multiclean team is always available to assist you. You can contact us by clicking here.

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